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2018-19 Teacher reps on the PDEP committee:
– John Horrigan, CMS
– Karen DeFelice, SHS
– April Harvey, BMS
– Jamie Pacuk, SHS
– Lori Buskey, CES
– Jen Lancia, SES

Important info about our PDEP plan:

2015-16 PDEP plan updated June 2015

Oct 2016:  Protrax instructions  |  PDEP summary 2016-17

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CSDE site for SEED  |   SEED handbook    |   Mid-Year Conference Discussion Guide   |
Connecticut’s Standards for Professional Learning

Teacher Evaluation: Your 10-STEP Guide to Scoring Proficient or Higher
CEA Teacher Eval info

‘Mini-Observations’  Seven Decision Points for the Principal

PDEP Consultants:

The PDEP Consultant
The State Teacher Evaluation Guidelines provide that there should be a process for resolving disputes between the evaluate and the evaluator, and any disputes over the substance of a teacher evaluation should be left to that process. The PDEP Consultant and the Director of Human Resources serve as facilitators to resolve conflicts which arise between supervisors and teachers as it relates to evaluation. If a conflict is not resolved, it will be referred to the Superintendent for a final decision.

  • Elementary K-5 Diann Drenosky  SHS  ddrenosky@westport.k12.ct.us   (c) 203-913-7792
  • Middle/High School: Ed Huydic  SHS ehuydic@westport.k12.ct.us  x1894 (c) 203-895-8664

Letter from Lynn Washington
former PDEP consultant
Frequently Asked Questions & PDEP for new teachers

Important Dates:
Tenured teacher schedule
Non-tenured teachers
Non-Tenured Year 3 & 4 Teacher Phase
Non-Tenured Year 2 Teachers Previously Tenured in Connecticut

Educator Evaluation and Support Plans list of all state plans

June 2014 Westport 2014 – 2015 Evaluation and Support Plan for Teachers

PDEP document 2007   pre 2013-14
– Year 1 & Non-tenured
– Tenured teachers

Rebutting Negative evaluations

If you get a negative evaluation, your first stop should be to your build rep (see list on leadership page)

Before you write anything, please take a look at these documents:

Westport Professional Development Education Plan (PDEP) Information  (pre Sept 2013)