Teachers in CT contribute 8.25% of our salary towards our retirement. 7% goes into the Teacher’s Retirement plan. 1.25% goes into the state retiree insurance fund. Upon retirement, all teachers get a benefit based on years of service and average of top three years of salary.
  • 20 years of Connecticut service and be at least age 60
  • 35 years of service (minimum 25 years CT) at any age
If you retire earlier, your benefit will be reduced.
Upon retirement and once you are on Medicare, teachers are able to purchase Medicare gap insurance subsidized by the State of CT and provided by Blue Cross or Sterling and Sterling.

Best Explanation of Windfall Elimination Provision
from Social Security:  Windfall Elimination Provision  | Gov Pension Offset

 What is GPO?  |  What is WEP?

CT Teacher’s Retirement Board

2018-2019 Member Annual Statements

The 2018-19 Member Annual Statements will be mailed by the end of December, 2019 to approximately 59,000 active and inactive members. The statement is mailed to the address on our records and reflects credited service, full-time equivalency, pensionable salary, interest and other information through June 30, 2019

The following documents provide additional information about the Member Annual Statement:

If you believe there is an error on your statement:

  • Photocopy your statement.
  • Highlight the year(s) in question and write a brief explanation of what you feel is incorrect.
  • Submit your to us by email to, by fax or regular mail.
  • Your account will be reviewed, any corrections will be made and you will receive a response and/or a corrected statement.
Let us know if you need a copy of your statement.

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Q: What does the percentage under total service mean?….ex: 18.0 years@83.33%
A: it means that you perhaps worked some years part time and that is being factored in..the more years you work full time, the closer that number will get to 100% but will never reach it.
It means that when you retire the percentage you get will be reduced by that if you wait for full retirement age: over 60 and have 25 years in normally you would get 50% of your final salary..say you were earning 100,000, you would get 50,000. But you would have to multiply that 50,000 * 83.33 = $41,660 per year.

Q: What is the voluntary lump sum?
A: Voluntary amount you can contribute. It has been getting a very good rate but there is risk..not guaranteed.

Q: What is the cumulative account:
A: it is the money you have put in plus the interest it has earned. If you leave teaching, you can take this money but you will have pay taxes on it.
The way it works is that when you retire, say if your benefit is $50,000/year and your cumulative account had $200,000 in it. They would take $12,500 from your accumulated amount and then the state would pay the other 75% each year.
If you passed away after 2 years, you would have put in $25,000 towards the $50K annual payment and your beneficiaries would get the balance of the cumulative account minus the 25% you had received for the 2 years or $175,000.
If you use up all of the cumulative amount, then the state pays 100% but of course there would be nothing for beneficiaries if you passed.

Q: How to change my beneficiary
A: Active Members should obtain an Active/Inactive Teacher Beneficiary Form (PDF  24KB) from this office.  This completed form should be returned directly to CTRB for processing.

Sample TRB annual statement

Dec 2014 credit problem with .9 on TRB statements:

Dear WEA colleague…if you have not yet received your TRB statement (only for teachers employed before this current school year), then give it another week or so.

If you already received your statement, please check it carefully (see attached image). Some WEA members have reported having a .9 reported for their work history for last year. If you worked full time, it should say 1.0. If it is wrong, please contact me asap.

When will my Member Annual Statement be mailed?

Member Annual statements for over 59,000 active and inactive members will be mailed in December, 2014.  Statements will be mailed to the address on our records and reflect credited service, FTE, pensionable salary and rate of return posted through June 30, 2014.

If you believe there is an error in your statement, you should highlight the year(s) in question, photocopy or scan your statement, and submit your request directly to us by fax, email or regular mail.  Our fax number is 860-241-9295, our email address is and our address is:  CTRB, 765 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-2822.

How should I notify CTRB of my new home mailing address and/or change of name?

Active Members must submit all demographic changes/corrections (name, address, date of birth, social security number and email address) directly to their employer. The Local School District will then transmit the updated information electronically via their next monthly transmittal to CTRB.

Retired Members, Inactive Members, Active State Employee Members and Spouses of Deceased Members must notify CTRB in writing by completing the Address/Name Change Form (PDF 14KB).

Unpaid Maternity leave..purchasing credit:

If you had any unpaid days as of the first school day of any month, you would not receive credit for that month.  If it was all paid sick tine, you should have received the full credit.

If you did in fact have an unpaid month and thus did not receive credit, you can purchase that time back once you have returned to teaching for one school year after the leave. She would simply fill out the required form and the TRB will follow up from there.

Here is the form to  submit:



Axa Equitable Frank A Defrancesco      HAMDEN , CT 06518      Phone: (203) 288-4351

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