Workers Comp

Workers Compensation

Log onto Teacher information portal you will have to sign in with Westport gmail ID & pw to use  Click on Accident Information

Employees should file the 30C form, in person or by certified mail, in the Town Clerk’s office located on the first floor of Westport Town Hall. For future reference, the bottom of the form also states the directions: “Persons employed by a municipality must serve the employer by serving this notice upon the town clerk of the municipality in which he or she is employed.”

Workers Compensation
Please fill out a Workers Compensation claim form listed below and report all Workers Compensation injuries within 24 hours by going online at  Employees with a work related injury or illness are required to go to:
AFC Urgent Care – Norwalk
607 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT  06851
Phone:  203-845-9100
As a courtesy, please call to make an appointment before you go.  
(An appointment is not required)
Workers Compensation Act – Notice to Employees

Incident Report
Event Forms #1 and #2 are used for internal reporting of accidents and any other unusual events that may indicate a need for administrative review.

  • Event Form #1 (available on line and in the main office of each school) This form must be filled out by the staff member who witnessed the event or, if no witness, the staff member in charge of the student or other staff person at the time of the event. After review of the event, Event Form #1 is signed off on by the Principal and School Nurse.
  • Event Form #2 This form is generated within SNAP and is completed by the school nurse when she/he conducts a focused health assessment of the student or staff member following the event.

Event Forms #1 & #2 are completed, signed and filed by the Principal; within 72 hours. Copies are to be sent to Mary Youngling in the Business Office and to the Health Services Supervisor.

Important: If you are denied by the town, CEA Legal will handle a Worker’s Compensation claim free of charge. You must contact CEA legal before you engage your own attorney or they will not be able to help you.

Read this memo to learn the steps you should follow. You will have to contact your building representative and or WEA officer so that we can in turn contact our CEA Uniserve rep.

CEA info for Workers’_Compensation_July_2014