1099 HSA Statement

If you want to find the 1099 tax statement for your HSA account, follow these steps: to Transfer money from your HSA into personal checking

1. Log into your mycigna.com account.
2. Click on Manage Claims & Balances
3. Open your Chase account by clicking “Visit your HSA bank… “

4. Once you are on the HSA Bank site, click on HSA Statements







and you will see your statements and hopefully the tax form.






Do I need to pay taxes on money taken from an HSA? you don’t have to pay taxes on it as long as it is used for qualified medical expenses and reimbursed doctor and medical service bills..   List of Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Why do I need a 1099 form? Any money that comes out of an HSA (health savings acct) is reported to the IRS..that is what that form 1099 does..it is exactly the same as if you took money from an IRA account. It is filled out by the bank..like the way Westport fills out our W-2 reporting the money we are paid.
When you are doing your taxes there is a place to describe money that came out of an HSA (paying with HSA debit card, direct deduction by Cigna or reimbursing yourself from Chase)during  the tax year. It will not impact your taxes. You won’t have to pay tax unless you are audited and don’t have documentation to back up what you took from the HSA.