Workers Compensation

Westport Public Schools is no longer using AFC Urgent Care for work related injuries. The District has joined the Town of Westport, Westport Police and Westport Fire Departments in sending employees with work related injuries to Hartford Healthcare Urgent Care located at 374 Post Road East, Westport, CT, in the Compo Acres Shopping Center (Trader Joe’s plaza, across from CVS). There are also seven other Hartford HealthCare Urgent Care locations to choose from:


FAIRFIELD, 1262 Post Road, 203-259-3440

MONROE, 401 Monroe Tpke, 203-268-2501

NORWALK, 192 Westport Ave., 203-853-2610

SHELTON, 15 Armstrong Road, 203-929-1109

STAMFORD, 950 High Ridge Road, 203-324-5740

STRATFORD, 3272 Main Street, 203-380-3920

TRUMBULL, 900 White Plains Road, 203-696-3500

WESTPORT, 374 Post Road East, 203-221-3390


Monday – Friday: 8AM-8PM

Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-5PM

True medical emergencies: report injury and call an ambulance via 9-1-1.

Procedure for injuries that require medical attention:

  • Report injury to the school nurse/supervisor to have the incident report written up. 
  • Go to a Hartford Healthcare location listed above. You do not need to provide your personal insurance card. Your initial work related injury is covered by CIRMA’s Workers’ Compensation. 
  • A doctor’s work note is required BEFORE returning to work. The work note should include the appointment date, work restrictions and return to work date. If necessary, date of follow up appointment.
  • Submit doctor work notes (including follow up doctor work notes) to  Mary Youngling, TSO, or for OSHA/Workers’ Comp and Frontline/Payroll. 

Event Forms #1 and #2 are used for internal reporting of accidents and any other unusual events that may indicate a need for administrative review.

  • Event Form #1 (available on line and in the main office of each school) This form must be filled out by the staff member who witnessed the event or, if no witness, the staff member in charge of the student or other staff person at the time of the event. After review of the event, Event Form #1 is signed off on by the Principal and School Nurse.
  • Event Form #2 This form is generated within SNAP and is completed by the school nurse when she/he conducts a focused health assessment of the student or staff member following the event.

Event Forms #1 & #2 are completed, signed and filed by the Principal; within 72 hours. Copies are to be sent to Mary Youngling in the Business Office and to the Health Services Supervisor.