Reading Survey 2015

Attached you will find a circular letter from the State Department of Education (SDOE) regarding the implementation of the Reading Survey Requirement for K-3 Teachers.

Harkening back to the initial problems with implementation dating from its origin, CEA and AFT-CT were very concerned regarding the purpose of the survey, which teachers would have to take the survey, the cost of the survey, administration of the survey, who would get the results of the surveys, and whether or not the survey would affect either an individual’s certification, summative evaluation, or both.

Although we thought that the issue had been addressed and favorably resolved, with the facilitation of the Malloy-Wyman administration, we found that the issue had in fact resurfaced and that our understanding of the final resolution was indeed different than the understanding of the SDOE.

Consequently CEA and AFT-CT re-entered into negotiations, and you will find the favorable results delineated in the attached circular letter that the SDOE has issued to all district superintendents.  Besides delaying the administration of the survey itself, survey results:

  • will not affect an individual teacher’s summative evaluation;
  • will not affect an individual’s certification;
  • will be administered at no cost to the individual;
  • will ensure the anonymity of the individual; and,
  • will be used to drive professional development and student instruction.

There are other points of information within the circular letter with which everyone should also familiarize themselves.

Your CEA leadership team has worked diligently to make sure that what has developed is in the best interests of teachers and our students. Staffers Linette Branham and Ray Rossomando deserve credit for their skills in helping to make this reading survey one that is not punitive and underscores the professional nature of our teaching.