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Other policies and laws

  • AN ACT CONCERNING STUDENT DATA PRIVACY.  Public Act No. 16-189 [pdf]
  • Acceptable Use 2016 (students)
  • Code ot Ethics from CT SDE
  • HIPAA privacy rule.
  • FERPA student privacy , a federal law, protects the privacy of students and parents by restricting access to, and protecting the confidentiality of, education records. FERPA defines specific rights of parents and students who are 18 years or older regarding their access to, and the confidentiality of, education records. FERPA applies to public schools and other education agencies that receive federal funds.

Writing private school letters of recommendation for students



Student Records

For reasons related to: (1) consistency in providing information and (2) ensuring that documents sent to receiving private, parochial or other public schools have been seen previously by a parent or guardian, it is the policy of the Westport Public Schools that for all students K-12, only official health records, cumulative report card information, report cards and student records are to be released to such receiving schools.

Student records are to be sent to receiving schools only after written permission from a parent or guardian of a student has been received in the school office.


Where teachers elect to respond to parent/guardian requests for recommendations to private, parochial, other public schools, or summer academic programs, such letters of recommendationshall be reviewed by the superintendent or his/her designee within 48 hours of submission of the letter for review.  The review process is necessary to ensure that the Westport Public Schools are not exposed to any liability by virtue of such letters of recommendation.


January 13,  2014



Westport, Connecticut