aQuick Links

Now that we have been in school for a number of weeks, please take time to check the following by going to our WEA website

The top three items to check are:

  1. Check your certification..   If you find that you have let your certification lapse, please contact me asap. If you are ready to renew (within 6 months) find instructions here
  2. Check your HEP (Health Enhancement Program) compliance. You must be in compliance by Dec 31, 2019.
    1. If you think you are exempt or have missing info, use this form
  3. Check your payroll stub  This page will help you decode your voucher and check your pay.
    1. If you think you might be on the wrong step or level, contact John Bayers and let me know too. 
    2. If you think you are paying the wrong rates for insurance, contact HR.
    3. If you are doing an extra curricular job and still don’t have a contract, please let me know.  Extra curricular salary schedule
    4. 2019-20 Payroll dates
    5. Employee Access center where you can find paystubs, W-2 Tax forms and deductions and benefits amounts.

  • We have a new contract this year. We are not going to be printing copies for members but you can always find it here  
    • If you are wondering what changed, there is a sort of cheat sheet here of the primary changes
  • Graduate Study: pre-register with WPS and get up to $1000 of your tuition/year refunded (only for tenured teachers)
  • If you need to reach any of your WEA leaders, please check here
  • If you are ever told that DCF had to be notified of something you did or observed, please contact John or Karen asap. Please do not speak with any investigator or administrator until you have representation.
  • CEA and NEA offer many member benefits 
  • If you have questions about sick days or emergency leave, check here first.
  • Frontline for absenses..make sure you can access before you need to use it
  • Maternity questions