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Prior approval and reimbursement forms from WPS
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Please note: all CT state universities: UConn and SCSU, WESTConn, etc are authorized for unlimited online courses. 

University of Saint Joseph graduate Ed programs

Fairfield U graduate Ed programs

UConn graduate Ed programs Masters for college graduates

Sacred Heart University Graduate Ed programs

University of Bridgeport graduate Ed programs

WEA contract Language:  pg 23

A.        A fund not to exceed $50,000 shall be established for tuition reimbursement.  Tenured staff members may be reimbursed for courses taken at colleges or universities.  Reimbursement will be one-half (1/2) of the tuition cost, not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000) per fiscal year per person.  Such reimbursement will be made in order of application until the allocated $50,000.00 is expended.  Online courses shall be subject to reimbursement under this Article only to the extent that such courses may be used for salary credit in accordance with XXX Appendix A, Provisions Relating to Salaries.

B.         In order to receive reimbursement for courses taken at or offered by colleges or universities, staff members must receive the prior approval of their professional development and evaluation program supervisor.  In case a staff member and his or her professional development and evaluation program supervisor are unable to agree, a final decision concerning reimbursement, which shall be binding on all parties, shall be rendered by the credit review committee.  If a staff member cannot reach an agreement concerning reimbursement with his or her supervisor within three (3) days after requesting approval, he or she may appeal to the credit review committee, which shall hear evidence from both the staff member and his or her supervisor within five (5) days of such appeal and shall decide the matter within two (2) days thereafter.