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Protrax CEU tracking for Westport Schools

You can use CEUs to advance on the salary scales: here is the info on how to do that. The proof must be submitted by Sept 1 or Feb 1 of a particular year and the advance will be paid for the full year or half of the year.


How are CEUs tracked in the Westport Public School system and who needs to earn them?

CEUs are tracked through an online database system called ProTraxx. All administrators, curriculum leaders and those teachers with professional educator certificates have been given access to ProTraxx.  All new teachers who hold a professional certificate will be sent information on ProTraxx at the beginning of the school year.

How do I know that CEUs have been awarded for workshops attended?
Log into Protraxx and check your transcript on line.

Who needs access to ProTraxx?
Those teachers who hold professional educator certificates, who are going through the ARC program; who need to track CEUs for horizontal (salary) advancement or who wish to conduct a workshop for CEUs need to be able to access the ProTraxx site.

How do I check my certification and the requirements that go along with it? Copy and paste the link above and create an account with the Ct. State Dept of Education. This gives you all the information you need on certification requirements.

How do I create a Proposal form if I want to conduct a workshop?
Upon approval from your Principal, you must create an activity request in ProTraxx.  If you do not have access to this site, contact Mary Alvarez at ext. 1215.Once submitted, this form is opened for enrollment.  A pre-printed sign in sheet is created and sent to the workshop leader who will collect signatures and return the sign in sheet to Mary Alvarez at TSO.

When do I use the Prior Approval form for Certification only? (attached)
The form for Certification Only is for CEU Equivalent (CEUE) credit for workshops taken out of district where CEUs are not offered by that provider. It is your responsibility to find out if CEUs are being issued or if you need to apply through this process.

These CEUs are needed for state certification – mandatory for teachers with Professional Educator Certificates – and are approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at TSO.  Note: if you take a workshop at the CSDE; ACES; or CES in Trumbull, CEUs will automatically appear on your Universal Transcript in ProTraxx.

The Prior Approval form needs to be submitted 30 days in advance of the workshop, signed by your PDEP Supervisor and forwarded to Brian Fagan at TSO for approval.  Upon completion of the workshop, complete the Verification form and provide documentation to confirm your attendance at the workshop.

What do I do with official CEU certificates that I earned attending workshops out of district?
Keep them in a file in case you get audited by the CT State Department of Education.

When can I apply for my Professional Certificate?
You may apply for your professional certificate when:
– You have completed 30 school months of successful appropriate experience in a CT public or approved non-public school under the provisional teaching or provisional educator certificate
AND when you have completed 30 graduate credits beyond your bachelor’s degree.  More questions, contact Human Resources on ext. 1004

What do I need if I have a provisional certificate?
Currently, there are no state requirements for those who hold provisional certificates.  However, once you receive your professional certificate, please send a copy to Human Resources, TSO and to Mary Alvarez at TSO.

When do I use the Prior Approval form for Salary Advancement?  (attached)
This form is used to apply for CEU Equivalent credits taken out of district at a location that is not a CEU provider.  Prior approval needs to be obtained 30 days in advance of the workshop and approved by your PDEP supervisor and sent to Human Resources at TSO for final approval.   Upon completion of the workshop, documentation must be provided to confirm your attendance at the workshop.

If you have additional questions regarding CEUs or ProTraxx, please don’t hesitate to contact Mary Alvarez via email or by phone on ext. 1215

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