Cabinet 2018-22

President: John Horrigan (CMS) jjh3810@yahoo.com (w) 203-341-5110 (c) 203-644-5430
President: Karen DeFelice (SHS) kmdef@yahoo.com (w) 203-341-1365  (c) 203 -913-8539
Vice-President: Lori Buskey (CES) llab2626@gmail.com  (w) 203-341-1771
Treasurer & Membership: Stacey Delmhorst (SHS) stacey92300@gmail.com (w) 203-341-1890 (July 2021-June 2025)
Secretary: April Harvey (BMS)   aprilharvey1@gmail.com  (w) 203-341-1557 (July 2021-June 2025)
Membership Intern: Dave Willick  (SHS)  d.willick@gmail.com

CEA Uniserve Rep: Eric Fisher ericf@cea.org (203) 378-2101, 800-344-7608

Executive Board 2021-22 (Building Reps)

Long Lots Elementary: Jennifer Ackerman (Math), Erica Belden (Gr. 2), Kerin Tighe (Gr 1)
Coleytown Elementary: Eileen Carroll (Math Specialist/Gifted) & Jane Garard (Gr. 1)
Stepping Stones Preschool:  Carla Magnano
Greens Farms Elementary: Stacy Fowle (5th) & Chris Chieppo (4th)
Saugatuck Elementary:  Katie Bloom, Roshawn Lawrence
Kings Highway Elementary: Renee Mallozzi (gr 4), Priscilla Jones & Amy Laurino (Music)
Bedford Middle: Andrew Zold (7-SS),  Michele Niedermeier (Math), Lisa Weand (7-SPED)
Coleytown Middle: Steve Cerny (7-SS), Cher Balkcom (PPS)
Staples High: Luke Rosenberg (Arts), Lenny Klein (Math), Christine Talerico (Guid), Joanne Klouda (Sci), Mary Katherine Hocking (LA), Caroline James (Math) & Janet Zamary (PE)

Building reps receive a $400 stipend for serving. This amount is pro-rated based on attendance at the 10 Executive Board meetings.
If a building chooses to add extra reps and split up duties, they may do so and split the stipend based on the allotment set by WEA bylaws.


Each unit shall elect a “Building Representative”, one representative per the first 25 or fewer potential WEA members and one for each additional 25 or major portion thereof (major portion being 13 or more) except the teaching administrators who shall elect one representative.
Members of elections, legislative-political action, and contract preparation committees shall be elected in the same manner as Building Representatives.
In the event of a vacancy, a replacement shall be elected from the same unit as the original member, by the WEA members of that unit.
Building Representatives shall be elected for a term of one year.

 Past President: Diann Drenosky dadreno@aol.com  (c) 203-913-7792