Life Insurance

The Board will also provide life insurance for each eligible employee in an amount equal to one and one-half (1.5) times annual salary rounded upward to the next highest thousand. Upon resignation or retirement, unit members will be offered the opportunity to convert life insurance previously available under the Board group plan to an individual policy at their own expense, carrier permitting. Upon retirement from the Westport Public Schools, each retiree shall receive from the Board an explanation of benefits booklet, which shall describe the retiree’s option for benefits and continuing benefits, (e.g. life insurance, medical and dental insurance).  WEA contract pg 10

BOE life insurance is through the Standard Life Company

Standard Ins Certificate Group Life Insurance 01 19 2010

Active WEA members do not have to pay for this life insurance, but we are responsible for paying tax on the amount of the benefit that is over $50,000.