We will be joining the CT Partnership Plan 2.0 on Sept 1, 2018
Important: Insurance switch for SPP 2.0 to Blue Cross July 1 , 2020

Important News: if you have an under 26 dependent on our plan, you can continue health insurance until Dec 31 of the year they turn 26. Dental care coverage ceases at the end of the month they turn 26. read the memo from TSO

Preferred In-Network Doctors and Preferred Site of Service Lab and Radiology (in some instances copay can be $0)   (please read carefully)   While the copay difference between a Preferred In-network doctor and a Non Preferred In-network doctor is a matter of a $15 copay (versus $0 for Tier 1), the difference between a Preferred Site of Service Lab and Radiology and a Non Preferred Site of Service Lab and Radiology can be significant!  Non Preferred Site of Service Lab and Radiology could end up costing you 20% of the total service charge (versus $0 for Tier 1).  My word of advice? If you are trying to minimize your out-of-pocket cost I recommend you check that your doctor, lab or radiology unit (personal choice) is not only an In-network provider but also a Preferred provider.    

April 2018 Memorandum about switch

WEA insurance rates  |  How to Survive a High-Deductible Health Plan from Consumer Reports