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FMLA Leave: 12 weeks  either paid or unpaid within a 12 month period

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A. Emergency Leave

1. Application

a. The appropriate form is to be completed by the teacher (including reasons and date) and signed by the principal. In extreme emergency the emergency leave request may be processed by telephone.

b. The business office pays both the teacher and the substitute under this leave policy, except when otherwise specified.

2. Types of Emergency Leave

a. Bereavement

1. Immediate Family – up to five (5) consecutive days’ full pay in the case of death in the immediate family.

2. Other Relatives – a teacher may be absent without loss of pay for one (1) day when there is the death of a relative other than the immediate family.

3. A teacher who attends the funeral of a close friend will receive the difference between the teacher’s salary and the substitute’s salary.

4. Absence of two (2) members of a school faculty to attend the funeral of a fellow Westport teacher in the same school will be allowed and, at the discretion of the principal in each school, additional staff members may be released to attend such funeral.

5. If additional time is necessary because of distance or religious practice, the teacher may request an extension of the above leave. For this extended leave the teacher will receive the difference between the teacher’s salary and the substitute’s salary.

b. Critical Illness

1. Absence for up to five (5) days per year for critical illness in the immediate family shall be allowed.

c. Legal

1. Absence in obedience to legal process will be allowed including time necessary to complete a call to jury duty (but not to volunteer), and the Board agrees that any such teacher who is called and in fact does appear to serve on jury duty shall receive a rate of pay equal to the difference between the individual’s salary and the jury fee.

2. Absence will be allowed for the President of the Union or the President’s designee, at no loss of pay, to answer legal process in behalf of the Union.LEa

3. Any other provision of this Agreement notwithstanding, no paid leave shall be granted to any teacher who is subpoenaed by an attorney representing the Union in any court action wherein the Board of Education is the defendant and the Union is the plaintiff.

3. Definition of Terms

a. Critical illness – means illness which the attending physician considers sufficiently serious to require the teacher’s presence at the bedside.

b. Immediate family – means spouse, children, any member of the same household, parents, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, legal guardians, wards or step-children.

c. Legal process – summons to appear in court in which the individual has no option but to appear.

B. Professional Leave

Absence with full pay will be allowed for trips approved in advance to educational conferences or for trips involving school business. All requests for such absence will be made in writing to the principal for approval.

C. Personal Leave

1. In addition to the above-mentioned leave, teachers may use two additional days for pressing matters.

a. Personal leave shall be with the prior approval and permission of the appropriate principal, and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Such leave shall be used only for pressing personal business which requires the presence of the teacher and which may not be conducted with reasonable convenience outside the school day or year. Each application for personal leave shall be submitted to the principal or immediate supervisor describing the need in general terms as illustrated in Subsection (e) below (e.g., house closing, emergency repair, family problem other than illness) to demonstrate compliance with the above.

b. The business office pays both the teacher and the substitute.

c. The leave request will be submitted to the principal in writing and in advance when possible.

d. These days will be noncumulative and, except with the approval of the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee, cannot fall on the day immediately preceding or following a school holiday or vacation.

e. The following is intended as a guide for the interpretation of personal leave.

  1. Personal – property (e.g., emergency repair)
  2. Personal – family (e.g., family problem other than illness)
  3. Personal – schooling (e.g., personal or family graduation)
  4. Legal – (e.g., a house closing)

2. If additional time is needed beyond these two days:

a. the request must be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent, or Superintendent’s designee.

b. substitute pay will be deducted from the teacher’s salary.

c. prior permission on the appropriate form is necessary.

d. the reason for the leave and the date of absence must be clearly indicated.

D. Religious Holidays

1. Members of any religious faith may apply for principal religious holidays (comparable to Christmas, Good Friday or Easter) without loss of pay.

2. Time granted for religious holidays will not be deducted from allowances for absences (as 1 above).

3. A maximum of three (3) days is allowed for this purpose.

E. Sick Leave

Teachers are eligible for fifteen (15) days of sick leave each year, of which up to five (5) days may be used for family illness, cumulative to the state minimum.  The Board of Education shall notify teachers by the 30th of October of each school year of the number of sick leave days each employee has accumulated through June 30 of that calendar year.  The teacher shall have thirty (30) days after receipt in which to challenge the accuracy of that notification, after which such notification shall be binding.  The teacher will receive his/her regular salary during this period of accumulated sick leave.  The substitute will be paid by the Board of Education.  After expiration of accumulated sick leave, the teacher will receive additional days with pay, according to the following schedule.  Each teacher will be entitled to up to a total of ninety (90) additional days during his or her employment by the Board.

4th through 5th year of teaching in Westport                                        – 30 days
6th through 10th year of teaching in Westport                                      – 60 days
Over 10 years of teaching in Westport                                                  – 90 days

During this time the teacher shall receive the difference between his/her per diem contract salary and the current per diem beginning substitute teacher’s rate.

For the purposes of this section only, “family” is defined as a teacher’s spouse, child, or other family member who resides in the teacher’s home.