Salary 2014-15 half step increase

In 2014-15, we agreed to move up a step half way through the year. We will also have a .75% increase which applies across the entire schedule except the top steps (which get a 1.8% increase). This mid year increase would have been difficult to manage because we would have had to have two salary schedules for 2014-15..see the tentative agreement 14-15. So what has happened is that we took what you would earn in each half of the year and added that number together and then had everyone move up a step in August 2014 instead of waiting for the end of Jan 2015.

It is easiest to see on the beginning steps.

first open up these links in a new window:  13-14 salary |  14-15 salary |  tentative agreement 14-15

for example: BA step 4  13-14: $48,307 * .075% = $362 + $48,307 = $48,670 which is BA/4 on 14-15 schedule

MA+30 step 4 13-14: $56,102 * .75% = $420 + $56,102 = $56,502 which is MA+30 step 4 on the 14-15 schedule

It gets complicated after that. Here is how it works with the mid-year step for someone moving to BA/5 in Feb 2015.

During 2013-14 a teacher (Dick) is on step 4 earning $48,307. In Sept 2014 Dick would still be on step 4 (no movement yet) earning $24,335 (1/2 half of $48,670 because there is a .75% increase to all steps) for the first 5 months.

After 5 months (say Feb) Dick would move to step 5. That would give him an additional $25,437 (1/2 of $50,874 which is BA/5 from 13-14: $50,496 *.75%

So Dick who was on BA/4 in 13-14 would earn $24335+$25437 = $49,772 total in 14-15.

Instead of having Dick move up his step in Feb (and complicating things like the bubble pay in June), Dick moves up one step to BA/5 in Sept 14. Check the 14-15 schedule and you will see that BA/5 is $49,772.

The schedule has been modified to reflect this 1/2 step movement by just using that total number ($49,772) on the schedule instead of having two schedules like we did in the tentative agreement 14-15

Here is another example…

Jane is on MA+30, Step 10 ($71,352) in 2013-14.

In 2014-15, all steps increase by .75% so MA+30, Step 10 goes up to $71,887. Step 11 would go up to $74,826.

But Jane only moves up to step 11 halfway through the year so she can’t get $74,826. She earns 1/2 year on Step 10 = $35,944 plus 1/2 year on Step 11 = $37,413 or a total of $73,357 in 2014-15. This is the figure for 2014-15 on MA+30, Step 11..

We solve the problem of half year at this rate and half at that by letting Jane move up to Step 11 in Sept 2014.

I hope this is not too confusing. Find a math teacher if your head is spinning and let them explain it to you.