Payroll voucher

How to decode your WPS payroll voucher 2018-19

Under “Earnings” you should find any monies you have been paid:

Hours means what percentage you are working. Most of us will be 1.0 which equates to full time.

Extra Curr will reflect any pay you get for coaching, being a team leader or running a club or activity that you get paid for.

Salary: Current Multiply this number by 21 to get your annual salary before any extra pay for extra curricular or extra duties. (multiply by 24 if you are getting the bubble pay option with a larger pay check on the last pay period). Then check the current salary schedule to make sure it is correct:  2016-17 Salary schedule

Under the “Employee Deductions”

Medicare is tax you pay to Fed Government for Health Insurance that you can start collecting when you are 65.

Fed Tax is the income tax you have deducted.

State Tax is the CT Income tax

7.25% TRB: Your contribution to Teacher’s retirement. This is not optional but if you leave teaching you can take this money and invest it elsewhere. Of the mandatory 7.25% contribution, 6% is posted into your membership account and 1.25% is posted to the Health Insurance Fund which helps reduce the cost of health insurance for retired members and spouses.

If you stay in teaching until retirement, you will get a nice pension from the CT. The Town of Westport does not contribute anything towards our retirement.

FYI…The CEA periodically holds free retirement programs. It is good to go to one of these even if you are years away from retirement so you can learn all about how it works. Check the CEA website for locations, dates & registration.

Medical is our part of the health insurance plan. Make sure you check these numbers to make sure you are paying the correct amount and if there is a problem please contact Eileen Ahern who is the TSO insurance coordinator.

Dental: this year for the first time they have broken this price out and listed as a separate cost.

Full medical insurance rate info can be found here on the WEA website:

2017-18 Insurance cost sharing rates for teachers (estimated: June 2017) (on a per pay basis for 20 pay periods): new plan year starts on Sept 1, 2017. Teachers will pay 20% of total BOE cost.  2017-18 rate sheet | PT rate sheet  (Aug 2017)  |   State Partnership Plan

High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

  • Employee Only $93.66 x 20 = $1873.20
  • Employee + 1 $201.38 x 20 = $4027.60
  • Family $252.70 x 20 = $5054.00

Dental Plan Group Dental

  • Employee Only $5.71 x 20 = $114.20
  • Employee + 1 $12.36 x 20 = $247.20
  • Family $15.53 x 20 = $310.60

Total for full time teachers: pay 20% of BOE cost Aug 2017

  • Employee Only $99.37 x 20 = $2809.91
  • Employee + 1 $213.74 x 20 = $4274.80
  • Family $268.23 x 20 = $5364.60

Total for part time teachers:  pay 30% of BOE cost

  • Employee Only $140.50 x 20 = $1987.40
  • Employee + 1 $ 302.07 x 20 = $6041.30
  • Family $379.06 x 20 = $7518.13

BOE cost:  full timer teachers pay 20% of this number  see rates here

  • Employee Only $99.37 x 20 = $9,937
  • Employee + 1 $213.74 x 20 = $21,374
  • Family $268.23 x 20 = $26,823

Axa Equitable / Fidelity (or something similar) whatever you are getting taken out to add to an optional 403b retirement plan.

HSA Bank: Your contributions to your HSA account. Make sure to go to and follow the link to your Chase HSA account to make sure that you get BOE contributions quarterly and if you want to change the amount you have going to your HSA at any time, follow directions here:

Life Insu is tax that we pay on the Life Insurance plan we get from the Town of Westport. We currently get 1 1/2 times our salary. If this amount is over 50,000.00, we have to pay tax on it.

GTL is the life insurance Group Term Life.  The federal government requires us to pay taxes on any life insurance amount over 50,000.00.

Dues: WEA dues will be taken out of 10 consecutive pay periods starting around the middle of October.

2017-18 dues: CEA  increased $5 and NEA increased $2.00

Full time: WEA $190 CEA $499.00 NEA $180 total: $878.00 10 payments of 87.80
50% or less: WEA $95 CEA $249.50 NEA $106.00 total: $450.50 10 payments of 45.00
25% or less: WEA $95 CEA $249.00 NEA $64.75 total: $409.25 10 payments of 40.90

Please note that all of this info (and much more) can be found on our WEA website: