FSA Family Flex

How Family Flex Plans work

for the Dependent Care claim form: go to Employee Info Portal (log in using WPS google apps)

PO BOX 5817
Attn: Sharon Palmeri

For Questions: call Sharon Palmeri Telephone: 1-800-446-8646  Ext 3237

You can receive reimbursements from your flex spending account as long as you have asked the daycare provider and they refuse to give you their tax id or SSN.

You will need to document their full name, address,  and  provide a bill/receipt for the services and send in a letter explaining that you asked for their social security or identification number and they refused to provide you with it.

The fact that the daycare is not licensed in the state does not affect the flex reimbursements.

We do not have access to whether or not a daycare provider is licensed.

Please see a copy of the response that I sent to Westport regarding this issue:  Deb Nazario and I checked into this on the IRS website under Child and Dependent care expense “publication 503” There is a section showing that you made an earnest effort (due diligence) to get the information and the provider refused. You would have to show the persons full name and address where the services were provided, itemization of charges, start and end dates etc…. In addition,  a “statement” would have to be provided explaining why you do not have the provider’s SSN or Tax ID as requested