Contract at a glance


Arbitrary Action & Personal file

Grievance process PDF


Leave:   Article XVIII Routine Leaves of Absence


Emergency Leave application
Definition of Terms
Critical Illness in Family
Personal Leave
Religious Holidays
Sick Leave
Bucket Days (extra days beyond accumulated sick days..4th year and above only) please note these are one time use not renew
Requests for leave not covered

Article XIX:Maternity,Childrearing & Eldercare Leave

More info on FMLA and maternity

Childrearing Leave
Reassignment after leave

Health plan

Health Insurance | State Partnership Plan (SPP 2.0) language

Co-pay language

| Current Rates

State Partnership 2.0 (SPP 2.0)

Health Enhancement plan (HEP)

Dental benefit

Dental benefit contract page

High Deductible plan if we ever leave the SPP 2.0 HD plan may be back on table

Salary & Compensation

Curriculum Projects
Curriculum projects

2019-20: $42/hr | 2020-21 $43 | 2021-2022 $44

Leaders: 2019-20: $47/hr | 2020-21 $48 | 2021-2022 $49

Extra Curricular positions   &  evaluation of positions
Extracurricular committee MOA
Compensation for Guidance and Psychologists: extra work days
Daycare Reimbursement
Physical exams
Life Insurance
Travel Insurance
Summer School salary

Vertical advancement on salary schedule
Horizontal advancement on salary schedule
Appendix C: Summer school salary schedule
Salary payment options
Exceed 1.0 FTE: pay for work beyond normal assignment
Team mentors
Tutoring homebound students

Graduate study links to forms and info

Graduate Study Reimbursement Tenured teachers only
Online grad courses
Exclusion for other CT universities to be discussed MOA

Teacher work year

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2019-20 | 2020-21 | prior School calendars

Single day holidays



Prof dev days for part time teachers

Teacher Work Day

Length of Day
Homeroom/Advisory for MS and HS
Preparation and Planning time MS & HS teachers
Elementary teachers
1400 min for elementary special areas teachers
Duty free lunch
for Travelling teachers
Elementary teachers before and after school
safe Working conditions  MOA
Overnight field trips
Travel Reimbursement
Tutoring MOA
Block Schedule for MS & HS
New teachers Relocation allowance
Initial placement on Salary table
Credit for military service


Credit for PhD
Recall rights
Workers’ Compensation

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