High Deductible HSA plan

Information about the High Deductible / Health Savings Account
Our plan year runs from Sept 1 – Aug 31. Deductible will reset to $2000/$4000 on Sept 1, 2017.  Deposits ($500/$1000) from WPS are made on Sept 1 and Mar 1

  • To make a contribution from payroll to your HSA, please use this form:
  • To send you can use interoffice mail and send to Eileen Ahern (203-341-1003) or
  • using the Westport gmail only, email the signed form to: HSA@westport.k12.ct.us
  • Forms must be received 12 days before the payroll date..that is the Friday one week before the normal delivery of the payroll voucher to your email.
    i.e. Wed Dec 17th payroll, form must be in by Fri Dec 5th.


  • If you are new to the HD/HSA plan on Sept 1, 2016 Cigna will open the HSA account for you automatically and you will not have to do anything except check the deposit on Sept 1.
  • You are NOT required to re-enroll if you are currently enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).
  • 2016 Open Enrollment period runs from June 7th through Wed, July 6th.

Please note the following:

  1. Our insurance plan has not changed…what is covered this year will still be covered next year. 
  2. The only thing that will change is how and by whom expenses are paid out.
  3. Delta Dental: no changes to this plan but money you spend on it will not count towards the HD plan deductible amounts.
  4. BOE contributes its share to HSA: 50% on Sept 1, 2017 | 50% on Mar 1, 2018  (changed with new contract) The BOE will deposit either $1000 single or $2000 family into our HSA accounts. 
  5. Over 65:  Retirees and HSA Contributions includes info if you are turning 65

Insurance rates

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