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CEA Call To Action!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for! HB 6884, an Act Concerning the Recruitment, Retention and Enhancement of the Teaching Profession, is one of the most important bills for educators in Nearly four decades. The bill addresses:

  • Minimum Teacher Salary – Establishes minimum teacher salary of 4x FPL for a family of 1 ($58,320)
  • COVID Benefit Enhancement – For educators who worked through the pandemic (2019 and 2020), includes a benefit multiplier of 25% increase for those two years for those who retire between 2026-2029; 50% between 2029-2032; 150% between 2032-2035; 200% for retirements after 2035
  • Teacher Tax Credit – $500 refundable income tax credit for teachers with an Initial Certificate
  • Ending EdTPA – Eliminates the EdTPA standardized portfolio system for aspiring educators effective July 1, 2025
  • Raising the Kindergarten Start Age – Requires that children starting kindergarten are at least 5 years old as of Sept. 1 of the school year (rather than Jan. 1). 
  • Play-Based Learning – Requires PBL to be incorporated in preK and K; Permits PBL in grades 1 – 5; permits BOE to exclude a student from PBL based on BOE policy.
  • Duty-Free Prep Time – Establishes minimum prep time of 30 mins., uninterrupted.
  • Educator Bill of Rights – BOEs to adopt an Educator Bill of Rights: (1) environment free from threats or harassment, (2) freedom to teach pedagogically sound books, (3) use symbols, flags, etc. if pedagogically valuable or related to the well-being of students.

The hearing for the bill is WEDNESDAY 3/15/23. Your voice is critical at Wednesday’s public hearing. Submit testimony and urge legislators to pass HB 6884.