Dear Westport Teachers,

Given the recent high school shooting in Florida, and the scare this week at Staples, I have been trying to find a way to support you for all you do. In addition to keeping our kids safe, you have been giving them forums for needed discussion and a way to process their fears and concerns. It has not gone unnoticed among the parent population.

I know that many of you would like to take part in March For Our Lives on March 24th. DefenDemocracy, a group I founded which helps provide structure to those who want their voices heard, wants to make it easier for you to get there.

For this reason, we have chartered a round trip bus from Westport to DC, which will be free for teachers. Seats are filling, but if you email me at darcyhicksdtt@gmail.com, I will put you on the bus with a free seat (until I run out). It leaves from Sherwood Island beach in Westport, where you can leave your car, at 5am. It departs from DC at 6pm.

Thank you so much for everything. Make some signs and represent!

Darcy Hicks


Back in the Day with the WEA

The people in the WEA in the Day Poster:

back: Lorraine Seaton (elem), Frank Weiner (English, Staples), :Linda Almond (art Bedford JHS.. she drew the poster)

front: Tom Green, John Pepe (Mathe, Coleytown JHS) I was president at the time), Eve Green (science, Coleytown JHS), Dick Leonard (English, Staples and chief negotiator)

This was during the 1974-75 contract negotiations… before binding arbitration.



























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